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I'm posting to my fancy page seeing if I can get it onto the altdeck.
But in hopes of staying relevant, this is a real license plate. We have Lannisters among us!

I'm watching Season of the Witch while I recover from having my eyes dilated this morning (aka through two pairs of sunglasses over my regular glasses.)

I received a late delivery Christmas present from my constable that I thought you guys might enjoy. I'm a little more excited for the return of Community now.

Can everyone please go vote for Orpheus and Eurydice for the names of the 2 newly discovered Plutonian moons? Pretty please? For SETI?

I'm finally getting caught up with Season 3 of the Walking Dead (episode 3 so no spoilers pretty pretty please) and I just have to say that the warning that comes up when watching On Demand: "this show includes graphic violence that may be too intense for some some viewers" is the most condescending way possible to

I've been working on a nuclear-themed mix recently and this is the centerpiece song. It seems to be all ladies — Kate Bush and Nena are in there too.