So, Moira Greyland’s memoir about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Walter Breen was released yesterday. This abuse was widely reported in June 2014 but I can’t dig up a front page post from any Gawker site about this for some reason; I linked to a Guardian post below.

I was initially interested in reading this memoir because I believe women and I believe victims and after growing up reading and re-reading Mists of Avalon (pre-internet ignorant of any scandal), I wanted to read Greyland’s story and get her perspective.

Then I saw the publisher - Castalia House.
The editor and author of the forward- Vox Day, alt-right head Rabid Puppy. 
I went to Amazon and began reading the Look Inside book clip and saw first that this is being published as a work of fiction -

and began reading the excerpt.

Holy shit.
I haven’t gone past Greyland’s introduction and she’s already directly conflated the LGBT community with pedophilia and is overtly homophobic.


I absolutely feel empathy for her abusive childhood but that doesn’t explain away or excuse this worldview in any meaningful way. Being a victim of abuse doesn’t provide a free pass on being homophobic or a bigot. This book became a hard pass and I haven’t even got to chapter 1.

note: I can’t seem to link to non-front page posts but here are some 2014 receipts: