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Moira Greyland's memoir of abuse at the hands or Marion Zimmer Bradley dropped and it's a homophobic shitshow

So, Moira Greyland’s memoir about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Walter Breen was released yesterday. This abuse was widely reported in June 2014 but I can’t dig up a front page post from any Gawker site about this for some reason; I linked to a Guardian post below.

I was initially interested in reading this memoir because I believe women and I believe victims and after growing up reading and re-reading Mists of Avalon (pre-internet ignorant of any scandal), I wanted to read Greyland’s story and get her perspective.

Then I saw the publisher - Castalia House.
The editor and author of the forward- Vox Day, alt-right head Rabid Puppy. 
I went to Amazon and began reading the Look Inside book clip and saw first that this is being published as a work of fiction -


and began reading the excerpt.

Holy shit.
I haven’t gone past Greyland’s introduction and she’s already directly conflated the LGBT community with pedophilia and is overtly homophobic.

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I absolutely feel empathy for her abusive childhood but that doesn’t explain away or excuse this worldview in any meaningful way. Being a victim of abuse doesn’t provide a free pass on being homophobic or a bigot. This book became a hard pass and I haven’t even got to chapter 1.

note: I can’t seem to link to non-front page posts but here are some 2014 receipts:


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